Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)

Rules of Survival (ROS) have become very popular. You can play it solo, duo, squad, or even with five players (Fire Squad). The game features two maps, Ghili Island and Fearless Fjord, and game modes, such as Gold Mode and Diamond Mode, where players can earn different types of currency during a match. To get more rewards, you can use coupons. Get the complete Rules of Survival (ROS) Redeem Code List here. Stay connected with us till the end to get redeem codes.

Rules of Survival (ROS)

Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)
Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)

Rules of Survival (ROS) is a passive free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games, which was first released with beta access in November 2017. Rules of Survival (ROS) is a very popular online game. This game has 120 players. The game allows you to play solo, in pairs, or in groups, with 4 players per team or with a fire team (five players). The game will have two maps, for example, Ghilli Island with 120 players on the map and Fearless Fjord map with 300 players. There are also different game modes like gold mode where players can earn gold or diamond mode where players can earn diamonds throughout the match. Rules of Survival (ROS) is similar to other RPG games like Free Fire where you must be the last person standing on an island. The only difference is that it includes heavily multiplayer mode and exciting strategy aspects.

Gameplay of Rules of Survival (ROS)

The game round starts from an island location before the start players will have a plane in front of them, and the plane will take all players to an island, players can jump wherever they want, then parachute as they like. Anyone can go anywhere and loot items like weapons, armor, and medical kits. As the playing time progresses, the safe zone of play will gradually decrease in size, with players falling outside the zone. Then you have to go to a safe place and fight the enemy and the team that survives to the end wins the round.

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ROS Redeem Code 2023

The codes in this article are valid for both the PC and mobile versions of the game. To make things easier for you, I have provided a list of Redeem Codes for Rules of Survival (ROS) that can be used to get exclusive rewards, bio caps, epic hero badges, epic hero fragments, advanced quest maps, maps, metals, and food. , wood, training speed, construction speed, research speed, and more.

Here is the updated ROS redeem code for 2023 You must use the codes before they expire Through this post you will know all information about ROS Redeem Code and how to redeem it.

Rules Of Survival (ROS) Redeem Codes List in 2023

Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)
Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)

Hello friends, here I have listed the 2023 Rules of Survival (ROS) Game Redeem Code which will help you to get free resources, speed-ups, bio caps, and many other useful items which will help you to become stronger in the game. You can get totally free diamonds by using redeem code and with those diamonds, you will get new skin. So guys, without delay let’s start with redemption codes. Here is the list of Rules of Survival (ROS) Redeem Codes –

Active ROS Redeem Code 2023

s13a9a1d3804Redeem code for 50 Biocaps,x1 Advanced Search Map,x3 1K Gas, x3 1K Metal,x3 1K Food,x3 1K Wood,x3 5 Training Speedup, andx3 5m Research Speedup (New)
SD406B202C12Redeem code for 50 Biocaps,x1 Epic Hero Badge,x1 Epic Hero Fragment,x1 Advanced Search Map,x5 1K Gas,x5 1K Metal,x5 1K Food,x5 1K Wood,x4 5m Training Speedup,x4 5m Construction Speedupx4 5m Research Speedup
sosnikoRedeem code for x1 1K Biocaps,x2 Epic Search Map,x100 200 Chief EXP,x10 Rusty (Fragments,)x300 1K Metal,x300 1K Food andx300 1K Wood (New Players Only)
SFA773217A67Redeem code for x1 Epic Hero Badge,x 1 Elite Hero Fragment,x2 1K Gas,x2 1K Metal,x2 1K Food,x2 1K Wood,x2 5m Training Speedup, andx2 Combat Manual I
Redeem code ros 2023 (100% Working)

Rules Of Survival RoS Gift Code List

  • 325DIAMOND
  • RULES300
  • CUPON100
  • GIFT32404
  • SFA773217A67
  • s13a9a1d3804
  • SD406B202C12
  • ROS192643
  • ROSFREE360
  • FREE3658
  • SOSNiko
  • PROMO100
  • FREE2020

Expired Gift Codes

Below codes are expired and can not be used any longer. But still, we are adding them here for your reference below:

  • alarm
  • Anniversaryhero
  • bartgametvsos
  • chaos
  • character
  • cometogether
  • Countdown
  • environment
  • gameplayhk
  • Happy4thjuly
  • Happybirthday
  • ilovechocolate2021
  • iq300
  • joyeuxanniversaire
  • leaguechampions
  • morejstusos
  • nikitunsos
  • poleznyibessos
  • Profession
  • Samsung
  • shimoroshowsos
  • solidvideosos
  • sos100
  • sos1234
  • sos200
  • SOS23rd
  • sos300
  • sos999
  • SoSHaematom
  • SOSpring
  • Sunday
  • Thank you
  • VK60K
  • vlfrgaming2
  • woahaematomsos
  • ZodiacAnimal
  • Zodiacfrank

How to Redeem Gift Codes in Rules of Survival?

If don’t know how to redeem the codes given above, but no need to worry, now RoS has simple easy steps to redeem the codes:

  • Visit the Rules of Survival Gift Redemption page.
  • Enter your player ID from the RoS game.
  • To find your player Id, you need to go to the game lobby on your device.
  • Click on your Profile Avatar from the top left side of the screen.
  • Click on the “My Page” tab.
  • Your Player Id will be displayed below your avatar image.
  • Enter or copy-paste the working codes from above to the website page.
  • Click on “Confirm Redeem.”
  • Restart the game to get your free rewards.

How do you Redeem Diamonds in the rules of survival?

  • Log in to the game and stay connected before redeeming the PIN code.
  • Enter your Player ID and select your game server.
  • Enter the Redeem Code.
  • Click on ‘Confirm redeem’
  • Enter the game and collect the item in the mailbox.

FAQs: Redeem code ROS 2023 (100% Working)

Q1. How do I download Ros on my laptop?

Go to the ROS Offline Installation page. Click the “Download” link under Windows Options. If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the “install.exe” file will be saved in your Downloads folder. Locate this file in your Downloads folder and double-click it to install the ROS offline application

Q2. How do I redeem my last-day rules survival code?

Steps to Redeem Rules Of Survival Codes: To start, you need to visit the official redemption site. Then choose a game server. Type the working code you copied in the Enter Code section. Select the option to confirm the redemption.

Q3. What is a redeemable code?

Redemption Code means the electronic code required to redeem Gift Certificates, eBay Anything Points, or other promotional coupons. Sample 1 Sample 2. Redemption Code means the electronic code required to redeem a gift certificate or another promotional coupon.

Q4. Are Rules of Survival banned in India?

NetEase Games’ Rules of Survival, a 2017 free-to-play battle royale shooter game, was blocked by the Indian government in 2020, among others.


Hello friends, in this post we have shared the effective redeem code of the Rules of Survival game which can be useful and it will be easy to compete with other players and show them your skills with free resources. As you progress you will need more resources and here are the redeem codes to help you succeed.

The daily code of survival rules is updated here. Bookmark our website to get daily codes.

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