Howrah station uts qr code – uts qr code for Howrah (2023)

Howrah station uts qr code: Hello Friends, In this post I will discuss Howrah Station UTS QR Code. Many of you may not know what the UTS QR code is and what this code does. Read our post till the end to get answers to all these questions.

You must have seen and stood in long queues to book your train journey tickets, due to which you might miss the train. It also becomes difficult to get train tickets on time during rush hours. So as part of the Digital India initiative, Indian Railways has announced railway ticket booking through QR code scanning. With the UTS app, you can book your local train tickets or platform tickets online through your mobile phone. Stay connected with us till the end to know how to book tickets on this UTS app.

Howrah railway station – Howrah station uts qr code

Howrah station uts qr code - uts qr code for Howrah
Howrah station uts qr code – uts qr code for Howrah

Howrah Railway Station (also known as Howrah Junction or Howrah Terminus- Howrah station uts qr code) is a railway station in Howrah, West Bengal, India. It is the oldest and largest railway complex in India. The station inaugurated its journey on 15th August 1854 by constructing the first railway line between the Howrah – Hooghly main line. Currently, around 600 passenger trains pass through the station serving more than one million passengers daily. Also, using its 23 platforms, it operates a total of 252 mail/express trains daily, and 500 suburban EMUs.

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What is QR booking in the UTS app?

Tickets can also be booked quickly through the QR booking option on the UTS mobile app. The user has to scan the QR code pasted at the main railway station. Once scanned, destination station details can be entered and payment can be made instantly through Rail Wallet, UPI, Debit or Credit Card, or Net Banking.

Howrah station UTS QR code
Howrah station UTS QR code

UTS- Local Train Ticket Booking App – Howrah station uts qr code

UTS stands for Unreserved Ticketing System. It is an app launched in 2014 by CRIS, a subsidiary of Indian Railways to create or cancel unreserved train tickets, book seasonal tickets, renew passes, and purchase platform tickets. This initiative saves passengers from standing in long queues to get printed card tickets (PCT) for local train travel or platform visits.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Register at UTS App (Howrah station uts qr code)

If you want to register yourself in the UTS app, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find the UTS Mobile app on Playstore or Apple iOS and download the app.
  • Register yourself on the app using your mobile number, name, gender, and date of birth. 
  • There will be an option to generate the password. Create an exclusive and memorable password for your UTS app. 
  • Accept the terms & conditions of the UTS mobile app
  • Click on the Register button. 
  • Now log in with the user id and password to book tickets. 

Types of UTS Train Ticket Booking 

With the official Android mobile ticketing app, passengers can book 5 types of train tickets. 

  • Normal Ticket Booking
  • Quick Ticket Booking 
  • Platform Booking 
  • Season Ticket Booking/Renewal
  • QR Booking 

Guide to Getting QR Ticket from UTS App 

To book QR, you need to follow these steps-

  • Visit your nearest railway station where the QR code is installed.  
  • Now, Go to the QR booking option from the Book Ticket Menu of UTS ticketing. 
  • Scan the QR code via the app.
  • Select the destination station name or code and fill in the other fields. 
  • Pay the ticket fare and get the ticket. 

Advantages of Using UTS Railway Ticket Booking 

UTS ticket booking simplifies the travel experience of rail passengers, especially for those who travel by train daily or want to go on unplanned trips. Here are some of the benefits of using the UTS Mobile Ticketing App:

  • Passengers do not have to queue for local train tickets.
  • Passengers will get paperless tickets which are eco-friendly and easy to display.
  • UTS tickets are available online.
  • Passengers can book tickets online within minutes.
  • Passengers get some bonus on their rail-wallet recharge. The minimum recharge amount is Rs 100, and the maximum wallet balance is Rs 10,000. Passengers can recharge R-Wallet up to 100 times.

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Rules to Use UTS Mobile Ticketing 

For a good user experience, some rules need to be followed to use the UTS mobile app. These rules are:

  • When you have an active ticket, do not change your handset.
  • You can book only one ticket for the date of travel.
  • GPS location of mobile should be on while booking ticket.
  • Passengers can book tickets only if they are within 5 km to 30 meters of the station premises.
  • Passengers cannot print paperless tickets at ATVMs. If they require paper tickets, they have to select this option while booking tickets.
  • Through the unreserved ticket booking app, passengers can board the train 3 hours after booking.
  • To book a platform ticket, you need to be within a 2 km radius of the station or 15 meters from the railway track.
  • Passengers can book seasonal tickets for 3 months, 6 months, or one year.
  • If a passenger chooses to book and print. That person is not allowed to travel without documents.
  • You cannot book a UTS ticket at the station premises or on the train.
  • UTS ticket booking is valid for Express/Mail/Passenger and Superfast trains.

FAQs: Howrah station UTS QR code

Q1. What is a train QR code?

Train tickets have taken their digital form and a simple scan of a QR code will get you one ticket at a time. You need to scan the QR code placed near the railway station using your mobile phone. After entering the itinerary details, proceed to payment using the mobile payment app.

Q2. How to book a train ticket by QR code in UTS?

Booking train tickets at UTS is very easy with a QR code that you can do with your mobile. I have already discussed how to book tickets with a QR code at UTS. You book tickets by following the steps given above.

Q3. Can I Cancel the UTS Ticket?

yes, You can cancel a UTS ticket only if you have taken a paper ticket and the ticket booking amount is more than the cancellation charges. However, you cannot cancel a paperless ticket.

Howrah station UTS QR code

We already discussed this issue. Check this website for Howrah station UTS QR code.


Hello Friends, In this post, I have discussed Howrah Station UTS QR Code. What is the UTS QR code, how to get UTS QR and how to register on the UTS app, and the benefits of UTS QR code, etc are discussed in this post. I hope you finally read our post and understand about UTS QR Code. If you have any queries then comment below. thank you

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