Anime Adventures Codes (May 2023)

Anime Adventures Codes: Anime Adventures is one of the many anime-inspired games on the Roblox platform, but undoubtedly one of the best.

Primarily a tower defense game, the graphics and lovable recreations of anime characters and iconic locations make it a treat for fans of anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z.

Gems are the game’s main currency and can be used to purchase new weapons and summon new units through the gacha system. You can get gems through missions, daily login rewards, and anime adventure codes. Codes, or redeem codes, can earn you gems for doing nothing and summon tickets and skins, the former of which will help you unlock new units. If you want to learn how to get and use Anime Adventure Codes and all currently active codes, read our post till the end.

What is Roblox Anime Adventure?

Anime Adventures Codes (April 2023)
Anime Adventures Codes (April 2023)

Anime Adventures is a Roblox tower defense game wherein you summon various powerful anime characters to use as your turrets! The game gives you a free character to begin with (we got Zoro from One Piece, although the character is actually called Zoru in the game) and then you can use gems, currency, and summon tickets to unlock new anime characters. Use our codes to get free boosts and check back soon to see if any new ones have been added.

You begin your journey in the world of Neo-Tokyo, which acts as a quest hub and base to recruit new anime warriors. This is where you can head to the Summon area to recruit new characters, and you’ll need to redeem these codes for summon tickets. You will probably recognize them from your favorite animes! Once you’ve summoned characters, it’s time to head out and begin completing missions and raids. check this post also Roblox Promo Code List [2023]: Redeem These Roblox Codes For Free Items.

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What are Roblox Anime Adventure codes?

Anime Adventure Vouchers are free gifts from Gomu developers that can be redeemed for Gems (used to buy upgrades and other unique items in the game) and Summon Tickets (so you can get your hands on more powerful towers in Anime Adventure). New codes are usually issued simultaneously with new upgrades.

Anime Adventure Codes – Active Codes (April 2023)

Anime Adventures codes can earn free gems, summoning tickets, and skins. Here are all the working codes as of April 2023.

  • VIGILANTE – redeem for 250 gems (new!)
  • GOLDENSHUTDOWN – redeem for 500 gems (new!)
  • GOLDEN – redeem for 500 gems (new!)
  • SINS2 – redeem for 500 gems
  • SINS – redeem for 500 gems
  • UCHIHIA – redeem for 250 gems
  • CLOUD – redeem for 250 gems
  • HERO – redeem for 250 gems

Expired Anime Adventure Codes

These Anime Adventures codes are no longer valid.

  • CHAINSAW – redeem for 250 gems
  • NEWYEAR2023 – free gems
  • DAILYFIX – free gems. Must be level 20 or higher to redeem
  • PORTALFIX – free gems. Must be level 20 or higher to redeem
  • CHRISTMAS2022 – free gems
  • GRAVITY – free gems
  • HALLOWEEN – free gems and candies
  • CURSE2 – redeem for 250 gems
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN2 – redeem for 250 gems
  • ANDROID – redeem for a limited Mecha Freezo skin (new)
  • FAIRY2 – redeem for 250 gems
  • FAIRY – redeem for 250 gems
  • subtomaokuma – redeem for a summon ticket
  • FictioNTheFirst – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • SubToKelvingts – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • TOADBOIGAMING – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • KingLuffy – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • subtosnowrbx – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • noclypso – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • SubToBlamspot – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • Cxrsed – redeem this code for a summon ticket
  • SERVERFIX – redeem for 250 gems and 2.5k gold
  • Hunter – redeem for 250 gems
  • QUESTFIX – redeem for gems
  • HOLLOW – redeem for gems
  • MUGENTRAIN – redeem for gems
  • GHOUL – redeem for 250 gems
  • FIRSTRAIDS – redeem for free rewards
  • DATAFIX – redeem for 200 gems
  • MARINEFORD – redeem this code for 250 gems
  • RELEASE – redeem this code for 50 gems
  • CHALLENGEFIX – redeem this code for 100 gems
  • GINYUFIX – redeem this code for 100 gems
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – redeem this code for 200 gems
  • TWOMILLION – redeem this code for 400 gems

How to redeem Anime Adventures codes

How to redeem Anime Adventures codes
How to redeem Anime Adventures codes

To redeem the code in Roblox Anime Adventure given above, you need to follow these steps:

  • First, you open Roblox Anime Adventures on your PC or mobile device.
  • When you open the game go to the Codes area to the right of the spawn.
  • Enter into the blue circle to open up the redemption window
  • Copy a code from our list
  • Enter it into the text box
  • Hit the Redeem button to get your reward

Guys, if it’s a new code that doesn’t work, close the game and try opening it again This will put you on a new server, where the game may have an updated build where the code will work.

How do I get more Anime Adventures codes?

Thankfully, anime adventure codes seem to be coming thick and fast right now. This is the best way to entice new players, ensuring you can always enjoy in-game freebies. That’s why we’ve compiled a few places to test new codes, so a new unlock is always on the horizon.

You’ll want to join the Anime Adventures Discord server, which seems like a great place for free. The Roblox game page, unfortunately, doesn’t host any codes, but the game recommends you follow developer Gomu on Twitter. No codes out there yet, but they should arrive in no time.

How to get more gems

While the above-given codes are a great way to get gems, you can also get free gems by redeeming daily codes, daily codes are available on our website. If you’ve unlocked infinite mode, you’ll get something every time you reach a new milestone in the wave count. Every day you log in, you’ll get something free, so be sure to log into the game at least once a day.

Here are all the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Anime Adventures. If you see something we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away.

FAQs: Anime Adventures Codes (April 2023)

Q1. What are anime codes for?

Anime Adventures codes are free rewards provided by the devs at Gomu that can be redeemed for Gems (used to buy upgrades and other unique items in the game) and Summon Tickets (so you can get your hands on more powerful towers in Anime Adventures).

Q2. How To Use Anime Adventures Codes

  1. Launch Anime Adventures from the Roblox app.
  2. Once in the game, head to the center of the town, where you will see signs for ‘Missions’ and ‘Codes’.
  3. Head up to the ‘Codes’ sign; as you get near, an input box will appear.
  4. Enter an Anime Adventures code from the list below and click ‘Redeem’.
  5. You will receive a message stating if the code was successful or if it is now invalid.

Q3. Who made anime adventures Roblox? Anime Adventures Codes

Anime Adventures is a tower defense game for Roblox made by Gomu.


Hello friends, in this post I have discussed Anime Adventure Codes. You can use it to crack Anime Adventure codes and get some amazing rewards. We will update this post when Anime Adventure Developer releases new codes or old codes expire. Bookmark our website for that.

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